A thought about tuesday in 25

I know it’s been on hold but just a thought I had, maybe you can do something shorter? like tuesdays in 10?
I think I would be more motivated to see short tips / bitesize info that I can try out quickly as well…

will put it on the agenda! Any specific topic you’d be interested in?

Yes! I’m actually interested in learning more about SoundFX/Music in Motion Graphics. I know that makes a huge difference in polishing off a good animation but it’s so hard to find the right music/soundfx and effectively insert it in the project…

Thanks Sora!
Will plan that for the next topic. It will probably take me a few weeks till I can sit down and record as I have a couple other recordings that are in the making first ie. building an Adobe portfolio site and more :slight_smile:

Looking forward!

I’d love to hear tips on speeding up my workflow… and how to create the punchy reels