A request! 💗

Hi dedicated JDF members!

A quick request!! :pray:

As Design Alive’s Interior Design course launch is almost here, we know how important it is for potential sign ups to speak directly to a graduate!

If you are open to sharing your course experience with potential sign up’s, can you reply below with your name and email? (Alternatively you can send an email to admin@designalive.com) Your response will help them make the right decision!

If there was anything which made you specifically choose this course, please include that in the email as well.

For example:

  • ‘I got a job straight after I completed the course.’

  • ‘I can do what I love as a career!’

Don’t worry, anytime you want to stop, just email us at admin@designalive.com and we’ll transfer the questions.

We will be super grateful if you could ‘opt in’ and offer your support! :heartpulse:

Thank you so much!!

Elky Bromberg BrombergElky@gmail.com

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So I didn’t do the interior design course… I did the Graphics Fundamentals and Graphics Empower courses.
But I just want to say, the factor that most convinced me to sign up with Design Alive was that so much of the student/graduate work on the site was actual work for real clients that I recognized from what I had seen ex. in magazines etc.
I also cold-emailed many designers whom I had seen their email addresses on ads, etc., asking them where they had learned… And many of them told me they had taken Design Alive courses.
So keep on putting out all that social proof! (Also just cuz I love seeing it!)


Hi Aidy
Would you mind if we put you down as a reference for taking those courses and potential students can email you if they have questions?



I’m assuming you’re referring to the graphic design courses. Sure, pleasure!