A must watch in this weeks newsletter!

This week’s Designergy has a visual presentation recording that designers will love!

Looking forward to hearing your comments and thoughts, will let you watch it first before posting my comments :wink:

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Wow! Seeing BTS (Behind the Scenes) makes you realize that we’re all kind of doing the same thing. As famous as Paula has gotten she still feels like its a listening and thinking it through to some up with a design - there’s no easy shortcut!
What was nice to see also is how simplistic these designs are, while at the same time so ‘recognizable’ and brandable. Sometimes we think it needs to stand out and be shocking and unique to catch peoples eyes but we see here simplicity def takes first place.

Yup, we do.

Wow this was really interesting!!!
Yea @adinacahn, I was thinking the same thing as I was watching it, how theres no massive cheshbonos in her logos just straight ‘design thinking’!

Wow I couldnt stop watching her!!
I see more and more that big designers dont create these crazy logos and what not, its basically ends up being the typography that makes the logo.