98% of the projects you work on need text (copy) - Copycourse mini course


Fact 1: 98% of the projects you work on need text (copy).

Fact 2: Getting that copy done well is often the difference between:

  • a successful project and all the joys of that. (Like happy clients who refer you to new clients …)
  • a failed project and all the downsides that go along with it. (Like frustrated clients who are second guessing their investment with you …)
    Sooo, we thought it’s time you got a deeper understanding of how copywriting works.

Copywriting mini-course coming right up!

In it, you’ll learn:

*What exactly IS copy?

(and what it’s not.)

*The must-know Basic Rules of Copy.

(So your work has a fighting chance)

*How to explain to clients why they should pay for copy.

('Why can’t I get my high-school daughter to write the text for the website? She once had a poem published in BinahBunch…)

  • Formulas, tips and tricks for effective ads/hero section copy

(Even if you’re not much of a writer)

*The best resources to dig into if you want to educate yourself further.

(Of course you want to educate yourself further!)

:arrow_forward: BONUS: Due to popular demand: The Ten Commandments for writing professional emails for your own business.

(So you always sound like a pro.)

:point_right: This is super-valuable information and we’re packing it into 3 sessions of 1-hr-plus-Q&A.
:point_right: Taught by Chani Pollins, experienced copywriter, copy-mentor and brand strategist.
:point_right:Coming to a screen near you, starting with Session #1 on 13th Feb, Session #2 on 20th Feb, and Session #3 on 27th Feb.
:point_right: Classes are at 9pm IL/ 2pm EST/ 7pm UK, and will be recorded.

And your investment for all that awesomeness is just $99! (That’s only $33/session!) DA Grads use the coupon code ‘dagradcopy’ to get this discount.


(Non-DA students can join the mini-course too, but it will cost them $125. Yes, your elementary school math-brain still works - that’s a $26 discount for you!)

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Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

Zippy and Chani

P.S. Feel free to submit questions in advance. Questions can be submitted to admin@deisgnalive.com, subject header: Copy course questions

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Thanks its admin@designalive.com