Working on pdf files in illustrator

Someone sent me a pdf file only and wants me to make changes to it. I thought if I open up the pdf in illustrator I will be able to work on it but it says its a linked file and it’s not letting me work on it. Any ideas what I should do? I’m thinking just to retype it now cuz its not so much info but would love to know what I can do in the future.

If you’re making changes to the wording/text only, do that in Acrobat.
If you need to work in Illustrator, and a file is linked, maybe embed it?
Or, I remember once choosing Object/ Flatten Transparency to work with a pdf file, but don’t remember exactly why - maybe someone can add to that?

hi, im not here to help you with the technical part but I would be concerned why the client is not going back to his original designer who would have the original files. I personally always see red flags when these things occur. Would you want someone else making changes to your designs?

no… my sister typed something up and sent me it in a pdf because I don’t have word on my computer and wanted me to design it… nothing too major, I retyped it because it wasn’t so much info…

:laughing: oh well. take this advice for when its needed

yeah, thanks!
I will!