Windows 11 vs Windows 10

I asked a while ago about everyone’s experience with Windows 11 and wondering if since then anyone has updated and seen a change for the better/worse?
Still haven’t updated but wondering if now maybe i can
@adinacahn would love to hear your opinion too :slight_smile:

i’ve had no isssues with it, i definately found it a smaller jump from 10 to 11 than it was from the last version to 10. one annoying thing is they made it icons only for when you right click a file for certain things like ‘rename’ and ‘copy’ and it still takes me getting used to but you may end up preferring it!!

I like it but one annoying thing is you can’t drag things to copy and paste through the taskbar

I actually had issues with exporting in premiere and media encoder after I updated, it would stay on 100% for hours! But I can’t say it is for sure because of that.