Why is place linked not an option in file?

I am working on the homework 11, designing the lotion bottles. I am trying to bring the image from illustrator into photoshop so that I can warp it. The steps that were given in class were: File, placed link, select layer, layer, smart object, convert to smart object, Ctrl=+T, warp…
I do not have the option of place linked in my file menu. What is the problem?

Is it not there at all or is it greyed out?

What version of photoshop are you working in?

It is not there. I am working in the updated version.

can you upload a screenshot of your file menu?

To clarify: I am trying to bring it from illustrator into photoshop. Working in Illustrator, I don’t see the option of place linked. Is

There is no placed linked in illustrator, only in photoshop
You should placed link the AI label in PSD (not the other way around)