Which logo do you like better?

which logo do you like better, and any ideas/criticism on how to perfect.

thank you so much

looks very nice
I think it needs a name there, unless there are some hidden letters i’m just not noticing?

They both look nice! The first is a little neater, and the second looks a little more abstact.
If the photographer wants her initials incorporated in the logo, i see it more in the second one, but im not sure what the second letter is. Its an E and a J?
Just wondering how the script font from the first one would look by the second one. It might blend in nicely under the squiggled line…

its a E and G in both. i will try the script font for second as well. thank you

I really like the second one. Can you try making the top of the g more natural? I feel like the rectangle looks very forced. I think it will still give the effect of a rectangular camera even with one rounded corner. Otherwise, it’s a really creative idea and looks really nice!

I like the first better, but I agree that it looks like a name is missing. I also think the lines might be too thin, in contrast with the camera lens shape

I like the second better