Toddle over adverts

Hi, Not sure if anyone has seen the Toddle over adverts in the EY. I don’t have one in front of me now, but wondering where such illustrations can be found. Thank you
(I think was designed by zinque, but my filter does not allow me to open her website)

Can you post the website here so we can see?
its for the shop toddle over

I dont know what the toddle over ads are, if you put a screenshot up I can try to help you. Or you can directly email Malky—

her website is
I am not even entirely sure it was her who designed it, I can’t access her site to check…I would want to make sure it was her before reaching out to her. The idea was children in a watercolor vintage style painting…

was it this?


do you have any idea where this style image could be found.

just did a quick shutterstock search for vintage children filtered by illustrations and saw some similar