Sukkah poster

Hi All!

Any critique on this Sukkah poster is very welcomed. Thank you

It looks good, the main thing I would say is to try to find a different hebrew font, one that flows more with the english font. As it is now, it breaks up the flow of reading.

Also, I would try to create more of a hierarchy. Like maybe the stuff to have in mind should be in a similar ‘bubble’ as the ‘wait’, and then you can have the explanation in somewhat of a fine print on the bottom. Right now it’s like: pause - don’t eat! but then it takes a while to figure out why I’m pausing.

Great job!

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The ad is great…as far as the copy it sounds a bit negative…maybe see if you can change around the wording to make it sound more positive….maybe that’s just my chassidish blood talking :joy::joy:

2 Things, This is a poster for your sukkah. So you kind of know what it says and its just a reminder when you see it hanging in your sukkah. As well the copy is all from the client :smile:
Im also trying to get a more sophisticated look but Im not sure how to go about that…

Is the font better now?

And what about this layout, I just feel like its missing something.

Maybe try your type now in a dark green to match the border.

I feel like the other layout was better.
There is so much empty space on the bottom right.
Maybe put all the info on the right…

I actually like the second layout better, but there is too much space on the right. Maybe try vertically centering the text. You could also try a more exciting font for some of the text - maybe a script-style one to match the background. I don’t love the picture - it looks a bit unprofessional. Can you put in a stock photo of a hand motioning to wait? The background does give a nice feel of a sukkah, so I don’t feel like you need the picture.
Looking good so far!

it’s such a cute concept. i prefer second layout with no speech bubble. i feel the words/concepts of mitzrayim and annenay hakavod should be the boldest and biggest coz that’s the bits you need to remember and view from afar.
i think it should say at which point do you need to have these in mind? every second you’re in the sukkah or as the photo shows when you are about to eat challah/kezayis of mezonos?
i think any of the halacha stuff could be written in small as footnotes and just say ‘REMEMBER to have in mind…’ then those two phrases very big
maybe be a lechatchila yid can be with a smiley face over a circle or something… unless this is meant to be more sophisticated as you say then maybe just the text in a circle like a stamp…

Al’Right after lots of back and forth this is the final one. (everyone who i showed it to said they would never buy this. To much mussur for a sukkah poster-whatever floats right!) As long as the client is happy :slight_smile: