Sending files to printer


When you send a file to a client to send on to their printer for print; if it’s something you wouldn’t send a raw file for- would you uncheck the “preserve illustrator editing capabilities” when saving? bc otherwise that’s quite similar to sending open file…
or does the printer need to be able to open to make adjustments for printing purposes?

Would appreciate any advice on this!


There is no need to send to the printer with editing capabilities. If there is an issue with the design they should get back to you, you need to send the final copy to them. The printer wont make changes for you.

I always uncheck that. Sometimes the printer needs the actual open file which they ask for, so I wouldn’t worry about unchecking that

thank you!!

Personally I found that with illustrator I send the open file to the printer.
Indesign and Photoshop, not so necessary.