'Select and mask' to refine edges when selecting

When using the lasso or magic wand tool for selecting, the ‘select and mask’ dialogue box doesn’t work for me. Nothing happens when I use the refine edges brush or any of the other brushes. Any ideas?

I forgot to add-I have Ps CC 2017

Check that you have a color selected and not painting white on white? Are you on a layer that has pixels to be selected?

Thanks for your reply -It doesn’t work.The whole window of select and mask doesn’t work at all. I open it up and i cant use brush or refine edge tool. I am selected on the correct layet.

The only other idea I have is to see if really it’s working and you just can’t tell. Set the viewing mode of the Select and Mask window to white on black (or vice versa), and try using the brush tool to select. That will make the selection very clear so you’ll be able to tell.
If it’s actually not working, you may have to contact Adobe who will be able to go through more technical details to see why it isn’t working.