Q&A: Photoshop Homework 8

Q1. The horse’s fur is smudged/doesn’t look good, what should I do?
A1. When using the spot healing tool, it may be helpful to select the “create texture” option.

Q2. The frame around the horse is covering up part of the picture.
A2. Set the stroke layer style to the “outside” option.

Q3. There is no room for the frame - it goes outside the canvas. OR the frame is rounded.
A3. Scale the image down (hold ALT/OPTION so that it scales down on all sides at once) to make room for the frame - then apply a stroke layer style to the outside option.

Q4. What tools should I use to remove the halter?
A4. The photo restoration tools - press J to access the tool group.

How do I remove the horses reins without it looking like it is smudged blue and brown? What number should the diffusion be on?

Hi, I would keep diffusion on the default. My general advice for the horse is to do a little at a time and avoid dragging the clone tool, etc. much; rather, sample frequently if needed and click mostly. You may need to zoom in and use a smaller brush size.