Q&A: Photoshop Homework 6

Q1. How is the text made?
A1. You’ll need to apply a stroke layer style and 0% fill (under the opacity box in the layers panel) - the fill seems to act like opacity except that it will keep the layer style intact.

Q2. The patterns aren’t working - what should I do?
A2. Make sure the patterns are installed; double-click the .pat file in the homework, and you should be able to access the patterns in Photoshop. If not, you can copy the file into the patterns preset folder of the Photoshop program folder on your computer.

Q3. How is the depth created on the frame?
A3. Use layer styles - stroke, drop shadow…

Q4. When I paint over the boy and girl, it doesn’t blend with the image; just solid colors.
A4. Sounds like the blending mode was on Normal - be sure to change the blending mode on the paint layers (each color should be on a separate layer) to overlay, soft light, etc.

I have filled in the picture in colour how do I make that the different colours/layers run in to each other that it looks natural? When i go on to refine edges on mask it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Here is a snip of what I am asking about.

When you make your selection it should have a slight feathering going on. On the clothes a 2-3px feathering will allow it to blend naturally at the edges. For the hair it should have a feathering closer to 5px so that it blends into the wisps as well

Thank you. So now that I have done it already is there any way of changing it that it has a feathering?

technically you can run around the edges with a feather and delete them but it wont do as well of a job…