Q&A: Photoshop Homework 2

Q1. How can I find the right brushes?
A1. This assignment is an opportunity to explore many of the Photoshop brushes. As one student put it, “By trying to figure out the brushes used, I really gained as I became familiar with all the brushes”.

Q2. How can I make the butterflies vary in color?
A2. In the brush settings, under Color Dynamics, make sure that “Hue Jitter” is at a high percentage.

Q3. Some of my brush settings are greyed out - why?
A3. Be sure you have the regular brush tool selected - there are multiple brush tools in the brushes tool group.

Q1. If working on photoshop CS6 is there any way that you can create folders within the brushes, as now there is no folders so don’t know what each brush is?

Do you see brush categories when clicking on the gear symbol at the top right of the brush preset picker area (select the brush tool > click the arrow in the options bar at the top left)? I’ve attached a screenshot.

Thanks so much as far as i am aware what you are showing me is not on the version that i am working on as i don’t have those options which yours shows. Any idea if it’s possible to do it on this version?

I took the screenshot on my 2020 version, correct - but if I’m understanding your question, I wanted to see if you see a list of brush categories in the same area of the screenshot, such as “square brushes”, etc. There were categories before Adobe changed it.

So you are saying on this version its not possible to view it the brush presets in folders like the later versions?

Can you attach a screenshot of what you see in your PS of the same area as I attached? I think it will be easier to discuss that way.

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the screenshot; this is what I expected, but I wanted to make sure, and I think I also understand better what you’re asking. To my knowledge, you can not do what you’d like. I have to say that I preferred the setup when it was the way you see it, but I understand. You could save certain brushes as a separate file if you want through the “save brushes” option - that could be a way to organize specific brushes.

What brush do I use for the boys shoes in Photoshop homework 2?

I recommend reaching out directly to your instructor for this particular question.