Q&A: Photoshop Homework 10

Q1. How are the lines/ground/sky created?
A1. Use the shape tools to create these shapes. The shapes will need to be transformed.

Q2. How is the shadow on the car created?
A2. A drop shadow layer style on the car can be converted to its own layer and transformed, etc., as needed.

Why is using vector masks better than a regular mask??

Great question! I assume you’re referring to a vector mask as opposed to a layer mask. Vector masks have the advantage of being vector and therefore retaining image quality. The path from a vector mask can also be edited with the direct selection tool (Photoshop has this tool in addition to Illustrator), which is also helpful after the mask is made.

Whilst creating a vector selection with the path tool how do you finish the selection without closing it? In illustrator when you press p it stops it but doesn’t seem to work in photoshop?

Are you asking because the pen tool is “following” you around? You can press ESC to stop that. Let us know if that doesn’t help!