Profitable freelance registration closes tomorrow

Hi all,

Reminding you that registration for the Profitable Freelancer program closes on Monday. It’s a solid program and I’ve seen that our graduates who join the program gain important business skills and often recoup their investment many times over.

Also, I just heard that Charna Ambers (an experienced designer & agency owner) will be one of the program’s moderators and will be available to answer design-related business questions, which is great.

(Reminder: I’m not an affiliate. I just want you guys to succeed and I believe this program will greatly accelerate your freelance success.)

If you sign up, remember to use the coupon code DESIGNALIVE22 to get $200 off. Enter code at checkout on
(Also, if at least 5 of you sign up, you get an additional $200 refunded – for a total savings of $400.)