Pricing on Hebrew typeset

Hi, I was wondering what I should charge for typesetting Hebrew texts such as Asher Yatzar, Hadlakas Neiros etc. The client wants it with nekudos.
Also, what’s an easy way to get the text with nekudos? Is there a website for it or something like that?

not sure re pricing - too many variables. pricing is how you communicate your value at the end of the day :slight_smile:
i would try sefaria, they have the whole siddur with vowels - here is link to the ashkenazi one
סידור אשכנז | ספריא (
you can contact them to check it’s ok but i think it is
not sure how well it’d copy over…
if you put it in word first then save as .rtf it may keep the formatting better than a direct import. would ned to experiment. may be fine to just copy direct into indesign.
if nekudos go a bit off, may need to play with diacritic positioning in character menu. with good hebrew fonts you can also add vowels yourself with the glyph panel.

Did anyone ever do something like this and know what to charge for it?