Price to charge for drafting measurements onto AutoCAD

I’m starting off. I get a job offer to take measurements of the current house layout & drafted them onto autocad.
I’d like to know the price range for beginners. any idea please email me

I was wondering what answers you got to this question?
Thank you

I was also lost the first time I did it, and told the client $50 an hour (I’m also a beginner).
I know most people don’t like this way, 'cuz they don’t know how long it takes, but she didn’t mind & I left it like this.
I’m doing this measurement+drafting now for the third time, and they were all please with my amount. However, I tell them an estimate amount of time it’ll take. Usually 1-1.5 hour taking measurements and going through the changes they want to make (obviously depending on the size & layout) and about 1.5-2 hours each floor (also depending on the size).
Then there’s usually some back & forth with changes…
I know it’s more professional to give a flat fee (depending on sq. ft. or something like that) I’m planning on doing that in the future.

Hope it helps…

Thanks so much for answering. That was a big help!
I’ve literally just finished the course and I have no idea which is the best way to start, put an advert out…or word of mouth…or target specific people who might the aid of AutoCAD or all three.
I also have no idea what to call myself, when people ask me ‘what do you do?’ Do I answer I am a draughtsman, an interior architect…

I guess we all struggle with the same issues :grinning:
I’ve contacted family in the field, but I didn’t send out an ad. (I might still do that at a later point.)
It’s also word of mouth-but it’s very important how you say it.
“I’m an interior designer and I draft.” The reason why you have to say that you draft is cuz most people connect interior designer to paint colors and lighting…
After hearing this most people will continue asking questions anyway, but you want the questions to go in the right direction…
By me, the first few conversations we a little awkward, but I got used to it, & I use it as a free opportunity to advertise!

Hope it helps!!

Yes! that was helpful, thank you so much.

Love this discussion. It is really hard to know what to charge when your just starting out.
I do agree people like a flat fee, however an hourly fee comes with a plus.
That is time tracking! Creatives (like myself) find it hard to cap their projects to hours.

So whatever you charge- hourly or flat- make sure you still keep track of your hours. This way, you can use these numbers to create a more accurate estimate in your next projects.
And if you charged a flat fee- and you see you spent so many more hours then expected- you know your charging too little or allowing them to make too many revisions.
A flat fee- should have 2 revision etc…

Hope this helps
Miri Wiesner
Interior Design instructor

I don’t know if this helps, but the architect I work for charges a processing fee + $ per sq. ft.
It includes 3 revisions…

Good luck!!

Thanks! what do you do when the customer comes back with changes? how do you charge