Mac vs windows

Untill now I’ve been working on a windows laptop. If I’m thinking if getting a desktop computer which do people recommend - a windows or mac computer? I learned all my skill on a pc but is a mac very different?

Skillwise doesn’t make a difference. Within a day you can “learn” a Mac.

You get more “bang for your buck” on a PC. Mac is generally more costly.
PCs will support graphics, video, gaming etc. so its no longer a necessary to have a Mac for designers.
Also keep in mind any programs you bought over the years wont automatically work on a Mac.

I’ve worked on Macs in the past but I’ve been working with Dell XPS desktops for the past decade and I’m very happy with them!

I learnt the programs also on a pc and bought a Mac afterwards. The Mac was not at all hard to get used to - it’s very user friendly. I personally think it was worth the extra money…
(also whatever you can’t figure out, you can google - like I remember not knowing how to take a screenshot on a Mac but I googled it and now I know…)

Macs are good but I decided when I bought a desktop to go with a pc and don’t regret my decision! I feel like you have more control on the computer somehow… and even though I use an iphone which is also apple I think windows is in general more convenient. And secondly I bought a touch desktop which isn’t an option with a Mac and it’s so useful! Think like selections in photoshop!

just watch out with the touch screens- very convenient but VERY hard to fix if anything breaks on them!!

Ha that’s true! That’s why I’m very overprotective of mine and bh it’s 1.5 years now and it’s still safe! But I did have a touch laptop that smashed and costed a lot to fix and even after fixing wasn’t very good…

Which is better for graphics?

I don’t think at this point it’s a question of what is better coz they are both good! It’s more what you prefer… if you never tried a Mac before though I wldnt jump into it without trying it first so either visit an apple store or someone that has one coz u might just not like it! And also depends which pc u would get… a cheap pc wldnt compare to a Mac but a more expensive one will so it’s hard to say

For graphics it makes no difference,
But like malky wrote if you buy a PC make sure its a good one.

I’m also thinking of buying a new laptop.
In general what should I look out for as a graphic designer, in buying a new laptop?

If you call B&H and tell them exactly what you do and what you price range is and stuff they will show you options and give you quotes and they are very knowledgeable and helpful!!

most important is your graphics card, intel # and RAM

I work on a mac in work and a pc at home. I enjoy the mac so much, But if i was the one buying it, it would be a hard choice.