Layer masks


Do we always work with masking when selcting and cutting/copying? say replace color from t-shirt from red to blue, select t-shirt with magic wand-work with mask? everything (all selections) done in prev lessons all masks? Is it better to always work with masks or sometimes just select, layer via copy and work with that?

Another question on Masks:
Putting the photos in the meuchedet symbol. Would there be a diff to outcome if I would make a clipping mask or a layer mask? I tried both but i cant seem to see the difference. is one better than the other?

Clipping mask
Does it work opposite way to how it works in illustrator? in illustrator i wud put the container on the content layer. Here i see in psd u put the content on top of the container layer. opposite way?

I would think that unless you’re sure you won’t need the rest of the image, mask it.

I’ll respond to all three questions in one,

  • We use masks whenever theres the slight possibility that I will need the rest of the layer later on, or I will need to give it a feathering that I can adjust to fit my needs.
    When using the replace color tool it would not be necessary to use a mask as you are not cutting a layer, you can duplicate the layer below if you want to have a “back up” of the file. But a mask would not be necessary.

Working with a clipping path vs a mask layer will visually give you the same result the only difference is how easily you can adjust. As a clipping mask you can move one layer (the content) layer without moving the logo layer (the container)

Yes the fill goes above the container inside of photoshop where in illustrator it goes below- the result is the same though, content is always put into a container