Label Mockup

I designed these labels and I’m looking for a mockup online. I see round labels like this
but i cant find one with the scalloped edges. Anyone know here I can find one?

I cant say offhand I know where a mockup could be found, but wanted to write anyways to let you know they’re beautifully designed!

This mockup looks very simple, probably easier to do it manually than to get a mockup. I would photograph it flat, remove the background, adjust the lighting to match the white background and put string or ribbon of any sort you can find, and add a shadow. (You can even photograph it with the ribbon and shadow to make it even simpler.) If you want me to create a mockup for you for a small price just email me.

This Scalloped mockup is a mockup that you have to buy - its pretty cheap so if it saves you time, do it
otherwise just take a picture of it and create a mockup manually

I thought you created the Reuven one :slight_smile: Whoever did its nice and classy!

Yeh I designed the Reuevn one. :blush: Was looking for a clean flat mock-up where I can just show the label. Thanks for all your help!

Would this be good for you?

Yes! but im not a Premium member so cant get that one…

Ill get it for you

send me an