How to make the house?

hi Can someone please help me, I’m having a hard time with making the house on the homework " winter dreams".

Make your blob brush slanted, and then draw the outline and fill it in after

But its not coming out neatly? and also im having trouble with the tiny “trees” or whatever those things are called. Because I did exactly the way you showed how to do in class and for some reason its not working out.

do you want to share a screenshot of your screen?

how do I get the top of the house to be slantly? with the rounded square? and chimney?

I’ll make you a quick recording tonight IYH and upload it here

Thank you so much for sending this little recording! it was definitely a more clear recording!! But still, my house just doesn’t look like your house and it really does not look professional- which I wish it would’ve.

do you want to post it and I’ll give you feedback and more direction?

I already uploaded it on the website to be graded:(
Can I make another one and the new one can get graded???