How to download fonts

Hi can someone please help me, I’m having a hard time getting my fonts form design alive into my illustrator page for homework 9 i think it is… its the one that says “wave” “weekend” and something else in “W” don’t remember the 3rd word.

I’m also having a hard time with the pattern. Its opened in illustrator but for some reason i don’t see it i just see a blank white paper, i know that its probably behind it but I forgot how to find it…

Fonts need to be unzipped and saved in your fonts folder

How come my computer is not giving me the option to paste it in the fonts folder??

Think I got it!! thanks so much!

It’s not working for me…
What are the steps to saving it in the fonts folder?

Once you extract from the zip folder, you can either open it and click install, or right click on multiple fonts and select install, or you can copy them and paste them in the fonts folder.