Help on illustrator homework #2

Hi I’m in middle of doing homework 2 assignment and I’ve been trying for like the past hour to bring the “bushes/leaves” or whatever those tall green things are called to bring them ‘send backward’ and for some reason it’s just not going. Would someone be able to help me with this please? Thanks!

Put the leaves on a separate layer and move those layers behind whatever you want them to be.

Thank you so much! That was a great tip!

This tip worked before but now it’s not. Any other tip to get the door of the “castle” tucked under, the bottom part of the black door?

If you share a screenshot of what you’re trying to do, I’d be happy to help!

![screenshot of door|390x370](upload://6qFxMW1i6r8scOOv5w5NwAteW
Here! see I’m trying to hide the bottom of the door…
Thanks so much for taking your time to help me!

let me know please if you can see the picture I tried to send.

I actually can’t. Can you try uploading again?

sure! i should just use the upload button right?

screenshot of door

You can’t hide the bottom of the door as the door is only one piece. I would suggest making the door from the bottom of the grey until the circular part…and then you won’t need to put the bottom part behind

Perfect! So in this case, are you trying to straighten the bottom of the door?
Not sure if you learnt about the direct selection tool, if you did than just use that (press A) and click this and drag downwards


If you didn’t learn that yet, how about make your rounded rectangle shape smaller, and add a square for the bottom part.

Let me know if that was clear and/or if you need more help!

can you please remind how to use the selection tool. In the meantime I’m trying the second option but it’s not coming out amazing… its not even. Thanks for getting back to me so fast!

Nothing is working right now… any other tips?

Make a black rectangle and then a black circle and put the black circle on the top of the rectangle.

you can take a square and round it all the way and then draw a square under (this way it will be perfect - a circle and square might not be 100% perfect)
I made an example for you - take the two left shapes and combine…
hopefully you’ll get the idea soon.
Good Luck!

Thanks so much for all your help and tips!

I’m not sure if I learned this so early on in illustrator, but in case it’s easier, @Gitty1234, try creating a rectangle and selecting the top 2 corners using the direct selection tool. Round only those edges.
Good luck!

They only learn the selection arrows in lesson 3 or 4.
The best way to do it (for now) is a rectangle with a circle at the top of it