Freelance Motion Graphics Pricing in Israel?

Anyone working as a freelancer in Motion Graphics in Israel? What can be charged per hour? I don’t know what the rates are here…

So I’ve been receiving alot of "what can I charge " questions from previous motion graphic students.
I think before it is even answered or before a quote is given these questions need to be asked:

  • How long will the final video be? You cant charge the same price for a 1 minute animation as a 5 minute animation
  • Will I be provided with the script? The audio file? If you need to put together the script that is another job on top of the animating. If you need to create the voice over that will mean you will probably need to go to a recording studio to record it professionally. That is an additional cost.
  • Who/Where is your client from and what is the value of the video to them? If you client is your neighbor who wants a trivia game for her family chanuka party chances are she will not be interested in paying a high price, as much as she wants to have fun at her party chances are your high VALUE is not worth the VALUE OF THE VIDEO for her. If you are doing it for a dinner, promotional event, product, corporate etc. their is a higher value thus you can charge a higher amount. In the content of the where, different places will be willing to pay more–the same way rent in one area is higher than another area.

Answering the question of motion graphic pricing in Israel-- generally the pricing will be less in Israel. Is this a once off project- Then I would give a final quote. If its an ongoing project than you will need to give an hourly rate, which generally comes out lower but at the same time you have that consistency of an ongoing job.