Feedback for laundry room

Hi!! I am working on a laundry room for our house. Being that it is the first project I am doing I’d love to get some honest feedback! I am wondering if it is too cluttered.

Hard to tell, but one suggestion that I would recommend is a pull out garbage as well

Maybe u can consider doing a sliding door…it’s a small detail but might give u more space

Hi, I would hatch the walls in solid grey so its easier to understand what is going on. I cant see the dimension between the upper cupboards and counter but it looks close. You may want to raise them a bit. The open shelves with baskets would have the thickness of the shelf on the bottom. Its nice to have 2 pull out hampers if you can fit it in to separate the lights and dark washing. What is in the area on the side of the door as you walk in?

thanks a lot for the feedback. I like the idea of a sliding door. I’ll edit and upload changes.

Looks really, really great for your first project!!

Just a few things I’m noticing:

  • The walkthrough space looks very, very tight. The space that is there now is not even enough for a full extension pull out hamper. Ideally there should be a minimum of 36" in between, but you could probably get away with 12" deep base cabinets on the left wall.

  • The backsplash height should be a bit higher if you have the space, standard is 18".

  • Is that a rod next to the window wall? If it is, where does it go to on the right wall if the shelves are there?

  • I usually try to put 2 pull out hampers if there is enough space.

  • The cabinet sizes are not standard sizes. It will be a lot more expensive this way since it will need to be custom cabinets, unless you are getting custom either way.

Overall looks really good!
Would love to see once you update it!