Email blasts

Does an email blast mean a regular ad that could go in a magazine, just emailed…
or is an email blast more of a template-looking design with information…
I have seen both, and I am trying to figure out pricing.


I also need to know about pricing on this!
Someone asked me to design two email blasts and one magazine ad per month addition to some small projects that might come up. They want me to also come up with the copy, its a company that has been around for years so they have a lot to work with, how much should I charge? per project or give a monthly rate? Also I never did copy before and never took a copywriting course, Is it the type I can figure the copy out as I go along?

generally its longer and slightly more narrow
Something like 800px width to 1080 px
If you are designing it I’d charge the same as a flyer, if you are just resizing it from an ad I’d charge a resize price

ask client to send an example of type of email blast they have in mind. in the past i was asked to do a header and prepare templates in mailchimp but recently i was asked to just prepare the image with ‘fake buttons’ and they pop it in the email template and add the link. to know the size i saved the image of the example they sent and checked properties to see width in pixels. it was 669wx2335h pixels but i made it shorter as didnt have as much to put in. i sent as a PNG to make sure text and images both sharp.