Denied Revit Access

I got a notification few days ago to connect to internet otherwise I’ll be denied access. I ignored it (hoping if i don’t do anything it’ll disappear…) I’m always connected to the internet so I don’t know what it meant…
Revit is now asking me for a serial number or network license, otherwise i can’t open it. Am I supposed to have one?
I chatted with someone from Autodesk & she was very unhelpful :woozy_face:

Anyone ever got it this?

There are NO serial numbers for Autodesk education products. We have seen this screen appear for those who have the TechloQ filter. Either you installed in mid course or somewhere on the way, settings have changed and it prevents you from logging into the Autodesk site from your app, and this triggers this screen as they cant verify that you have students access.

I recommend everyone with this issue to contact techloQ and ask them to full allow Autodesk products such as Autocad and revit . Best of luck and please update us here if this resolved the issue

Thanks so much @zippy !! I sent a message to TechloQ, I hope they fix it soon.
I’ll let you know what happens…

Thanks again!!