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Hi, I was asked to design a logo and a flyer for a company. The logo was put on hold and I was told to just work on the flyer. For the companys name on the flyer, since they didnt want a new logo now, I was told to just write out the companys name in a nice font. Now they asked me to change the font to a more unique one and add some designs to have the text relate to the business. I feel like that is sort of a new logo. Do I charge them for a logo design? Any tips on how to move forward?

Did they not have a logo in the first place? Adding design is def a logo, many logos are just a wordmark where even changing the font makes it a logo! Make sure they are not taking advantage of you…

i hear scope creep here…

change the font ok you can still call that a text only thing (even tho a logo can be text only…) but adding some designs to it is sounding like a logo - i think you need to set a boundary of what you are willing to offer and at which price. also explain the value of doing a proper logo now… brand recognition etc


Do they not have any logo? Then of course,whatever you do is called a logo. If you aren’t able to put as much thought into it as you usually do, charge less than you would for a logo. But what they’re asking for is for you to make a temporary “logo”

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ha i lit had this once! i was very clear that if you want a logo then pay for it if not its the same text as the rest of the ad and that was it - to make them happier i just made it slightly bigger and bolder i think and could be a dif colour but def dont work on it if your not getting paid for it i know my client tried to do it its just plain cheeky

Thanks for all your help! They actually have a logo but they want me to design a new one. Then it was put on hold and this happened

So I think you should explain to them that they should use their old one, cuz why would they want an old, temporary and then a new one soon? If they insist just tell them you’ll charge to create a simple logo