Class 4 Selection tool

For some reason, every time I use the selection tool, my entire screen starts flickering and it becomes difficult to see what I am doing. I am working on a Mac.
Is there a setting to change to stop the flickering?

it shouldnt flicker, you should just seeing the “marching ants”
is there any way you can record it happening and send it to me?

Yes, how can I send it to you? I tried uploading it here but it didn’t work. I also tried replying to the email I received but I don’t think that worked either.

you can send it to my email

I sent it a couple days ago. Did you receive it?

yes, it looks like a computer error not psd error
Im going to find out from yona the tutor if she can meet you online to try to figure out whats going on. I will only be able to meet you after next week and I dont want you to have to wait