I designed 5 potential adverts for a company to choose from. I gave a quote of $375 for full page ad.
They chose one and I edited it 3 times, they then decided they did not want to use my work.
I put in a lot of hours, but they did not get the product.
What percentage of the price would I charge?

That’s so frustrating! :disappointed_relieved:
Did they pay you a deposit?
I have on my contract that if the client pulls out then they lose their deposit…

I would charge the whole amount

I would also say to charge the full amount. Once they chose one they have “okayed” the design I consider that enough to get paid – if you followed through. If they didnt get the product because of an issue on your side then you would charge less

It sounds like you should charge for the full amount here. Maybe next time, take a deposit up front so that at least if this kind of thing happens. For a small project like an ad, a 50% deposit should be okay to ask for up front.

agree with everyone you have to charge full price. Its their responsibilty to check out your previous work first and if they chose to go ahead with you they have a responsibilty to pay regardless if they use it or not.

For sure, full price! You put in all the work… They technically got the ad - they just chose not to use it! Also, good idea to have in your contract a clause for what happens if client backs out in middle. Here’s some of what I saw once on someone’s contract on their website:
Cancellation Policy:
If cancellation occurred prior to completion of the concept or sketch phase, cancellation fee is 20% of the original fee.
If cancellation occurred after the completion of the preliminary work, but prior to the completion of finished work, cancellation fee is 50-70% of the original fee (to be determined per job).
If cancellation occurs after the completion of finished work, cancellation fee is 100% of the original fee.
Also, if you write the deposit is nonrefundable, that helps - cuz at least you got deposit and got paid something when they make issues with paying!

Thanks for all the replies :slightly_smiling_face: