Chanukah Flyer Feedback

Hi all,
Would love some of your amazing feedback and suggestions for this flyer!
Thanks in advance!

Looking great! I think the schedule has to be aligned, looks off like this to me, unless you make it more like steps maybe
I would consider putting the logo in the bottom right, and make the title bigger/give it its space

Thank you @goldie-mezei !

How’s this?

Here’s another option:

Love the design and the way you made the visual hierarchy.
I like the second version

Thank you!

Any other comments?

Second is definitely better, but still not loving the alignment. Maybe try setting it up so that they can all be aligned to the top one… I personally don’t like the shadow on the words, but just an opinion (like everything else as well :wink: ) Maybe make the whole title a bit tilted to give it some life?

Thanks @goldie-mezei , you save the day :smile:
How’s this?
Anything else?
Thank you so much!

:slight_smile: Much better! I don’t love that its so left to the page when there’s so much room to the right. I would move it more to the right, doesn’t have to be aligned to the title