Best Laptop for AutoCAD

What do you recommend as far as laptops go for AutoCAD?

I have a computer, so don’t know much about laptops but one thing is sure-get a big screen.
I have now a 27" monitor and I’m loving it!
Not that you can’t manage with a smaller one, but I started off with a 12" laptop screen and it was terrible…

look on our website (on the student account page) under software guidance, you many find some info there helpful. Also consider if you plan to do revit which needs a super great computer

I was looking into laptops, I was recommended these 2:
Does anyone have these?
*Acer Concept D 3 Ezel
*Dell Inspiron

Hi, thanks for answering.
I looked on the student page, under software guidance, there is a heading ‘Recommended Computer Specs’ but there is nothing written under it. the rest of the page just looks like a guide how to download AutoCAD.
Am I looking in the wrong place?

HI YittyR
Thanks for the tip. There is so much choice!!

I was also looking for it, i found it in a different place:

Suggested specifications:

  • An i7 processor.
  • Nvidia Graphics card
  • At least 8GB RAM
  • A 64-bit operating system
  • A large screen as you can get. While a 17-inch laptop is great, it is more expensive and heavier to carry around and you may want to choose a 15 inch for portability and buy a separate large screen for concentrated work at home.
  • An external hard drive (preferably SSD) to store work to ensure your computer does not get too full and slow down.
  • Autocad / Revit students. The Mac interface is very different from a PC, so we do not recommend getting a Mac for course purposes, as the instructor teaches on a PC. Revit is also not available in Mac format.

Design Alive has partnered with B&H for all computer and technical requirements and queries. They are a well-known and established company and are up-to-date with current specs and performance. Our contact is Baruch Berman and he can be contacted at Mention Design Alive when you speak to him.
PLEASE NOTE: Do not call the company directly but email Baruch for a call back:

Here is a link to the type of computers he currently recommends (updated 19 August 2021) although feel free to do your own research for comparison. (If this link becomes invalid then please let us know) It’s also worth checking the Dell outlet for deals.

Disclaimer: You are under no obligation to purchase a computer from Baruch and would advise doing your own research before buying. We are not recommending you buy a computer from BH and Design Alive does not profit in any way by sending students to him.