Bar Mitzvah Invitation Feedback

Thoughts on this invitation?

Nice layout! I don’t like the placement of your own name. If you really want to put it on, I would say to hide it much better

I would make the vertical name a bit smaller. Really nice.

I actually just put my name there when I sent her the file. Won’t be on the final file. Unless do you think I’m allowed to leave it on? She’s sending it to get printed. feel like printed invitations don’t usually have a logo on them.

If she’s sending it to a printer, I send to her it as a pdf with crop and bleed marks?

I wouldn’t keep it on

are you missing a ‘daled’ in his first name?

Yeh thanks for noticing! I have to go back and fix a few words. How does the overall layout look? Do the bottom 2 names look fine? They don’t look so centered but not sure how to fix it.

yeah, printed formal invitations dont usually have the name…
Regarding the names, can you bring up the name of maras chana to the line of Harav Tzvi Boruch

Can I have my logo on the evite? I didn’t put it on the one that’s getting printed

I think its okay on an e-vite…(I’ve put my name on vort invitations - worst case, if they don’t like it with your name, you’ll take it off)
just put it on the bottom…