Ad inspo

What size does one usually make a ad that is going to be on whatsapp status’s and things like that…
and has anyone ever made a lead-painting/ painting and they dont mind sending me a pic of it

1080 x 1920px

@adinacahn Thanks!! and what do I save it as to send over to client for posting?


Thanks for ur help!

@adinacahn The client wanted me to create 2 hyperlinks to 2 different texts in one ad i made him for whatsapp status so when someone clicks on the word “website” it goes directly to it . Do hyperlinks only work on PDF’s or can they work on a jpg? If not, would be able to post the PDF on his status?

no for a status you can upload the jpeg and then write on the next slide a link

@malky-h thanks for your respond! would you by any chance know how to create multiple hyperlinks to a jpeg? When someone clicks on his contact info it would take them directly to that page, email, website?

no jpegs cant contain links

Like Malky wrote, you cant put a hyperlink on a jpg, only an interactive PDF.
sometimes online people will embed the jpg to link to somewhere (only one place) but Im not sure how you do that on a whats app
Maybe just write on the ad on bottom, link in the thread below, or however its phrased