Ad Feedback- time sensative

I’m in middle of working on an ad for a webinar being hosted by a career company. I’m finding the amount of copy hard to work with. Also, I would like ideas on how to make it more visually appealing. If anyone has any feedback or inspiration for me I’d really appreciate it!

Love the concept!

I like the first option for the whole top, but the second option for the bottom half (starting with the info on the classes). Especially in the boxed in area, the most important info stands out more there.

I think if you bring in an accent color it will go a long way. Also you might want to bring in an image or an illustration because the spacing between some sections is a bit too much.

great start! Love the style.
How about incorporating some of the orange from the logo and changing a few of the color tones to make some words stand out, like this sort of idea…

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Thank you so much for this idea!!!

@breindy Really like the advert
@miriamhalter Love what you did there.

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Thank you so much everyone for your feedback/ suggestions. The client wanted me to add more graphics, rather than a top of copy. She likes the idea of bringing in more colors. I forgot to mention this is being printed in the Ami and Mishpacha so it should stand out! Any other ideas for graphics to add in to make it stand out?
Thank you!

I think the background color you had before was more striking

Also, the client sent me 2 inspo ideas. Having a hard time incorporating this style into the ad

I changed it because I was told the contrast wasn’t good.

The arch of the words around the “get career wise” is smoother in the first, but i like the bold color of the blue in the second.
maybe try to switch up the colors a bit using the same ones that you have here.
i.e. dark blue background with the lighter blues, white and orange for the text and graphics.
It might be more striking that way.

Thanks for that idea. I had to send the client the updated options already. I’m waiting to hear back but maybe I’ll try your suggestion if they don’t like these.